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Rohit Tandon hiding crores of black money in his office

    Rohit Tandon a famous Delhi ;lawyer is accused for hiding crores of black or untaxed  money in his office. In october he had reportedly declared unaccounted sum of 125 crores to the income tax department after frequent raids in his home and office .

           The income tax department has raided this famous lawyer office once again on December 10 after getting a tip from an unknown person asking them to raid Mr. Tandons office  to en light untaxed money . The income tax department was shocked to find 14 crores of black money in which two crores are of new two thousand notes. Mr. Tandon was not at office at the time of raid he saw the whole episode of raiding in his office in his phone which is being captured by the cctv in his office. 

          Mr. Tandon while questioned by the IT officer answered that he can account for the money found in his office and some of it also belongs to his clients. The lawyer has a close relationship with Parasmal Lodha a Kolkata based business man who was previously arrested for money laundering. Mr. Lodha helped him to convert 2.62 crores in banned notes both of these are connected to a Chennai business man J. Sekhar Reddy.

       A manager of Kotak Mahindra bank was also arrested for helping Mr. Tandon and Mr. Reddy who helped them in converting 25 crores in old  notes. While common people are are standing up in lines for hours together in the banks for collecting money in new currency notes,these 3 people are found having huge amounts of new currency notes with them.
Aditya Prakash

Aditya Prakash

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