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Netflix | On Demand Internet TV Launches 4K in India, Prices Start from 500 Rs.

        Netflix, an American world wide provider of On Demand Internet TV services doing aggressively to expand globally, has announced it planned to launch it's services in Indian subcontinent. 

     The company also started to live in more than 130 countries on Wednesday covering almost entire world except China. Netflix is aggressively moved into world markets and aimed to reach 200 countries by this year ending.

     Netflix Inc. started it's services in India on Wednesday, with plans starting from 500 Rs. per month.  Go through the following official price list released by Netflix in India.

For 1 SD screen - 500 Rs. Per month
For 2 HD screens - 650 Rs. Per month
4K up to 8 Screens - 800 Rs. Per month

     If you want to know how Netflix will affect your data usage, according to company's own documentation a HD stream can use up to 3GB per hour. While SD streaming can uses 300 MB to 700 MB per hour. If you have fast enough connection 4K ultra streaming can used up to 7GB per hour.

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