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Everything You Need To Know About Pranav Dhanawade’s World Record

     An auto-rickshaw driver's son has become the first cricketer to score 1009 runs in a match.

     Pranav scored 1009 runs not out against Arya Gurukul, Kalyan, in a school match during the U-16 HT Bhandari Trophy Inter-School Cricket Tournament. This is the highest individual score ever in the game’s history at all levels of competitive cricket.

     On Day 1, Arya Gurukul were bowled out for just 31 in 20 overs. In response, Gandhi English High raced to 956-1 by the end of the day.Pranav, with 78 fours and 30 sixes, had moved to a world record 652 not out.

     Pranav continued batting at an astonishing pace.After lunch, he was batting on 921 off 294 balls. Within an hour, he became the first human to pass the four-figure barrier, off just 323 balls. He hit 59 sixes and 129 fours in all. 

     Pranav broke the record set by a 13-year-old Arthur Collins, who had scored 628 runs in a match for Clarke’s House against North Town House way back in 1899. After long time Pranav set new records for most runs (1009) for a batsman in any form of cricket in world. 

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