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Work with one spirit: CM to Officials

          Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Sri N.Chandrababu Naidu said every official in the government, from village officer to the State Chief Secretary must work with unified spirit to achieve desired results. Janmabhoomi-Maa Vooru campaign, he said, forms basis to achieve it. 

          In a teleconference with the district collectors and government officials, the Chief Minister gave some directions. He directed the officials to visit villages at field level once in every week or 10 days to analyze the actual conditions.

        Stating that it must be a continuous process, he asked the officials to submit a report on how swiftly they have redressed a complaint that was received during the Gramasabhas. "We should have transparency in the process. The ultimate goal is to satisfy the needs of the people. To achieve this, we are organizing Grama Sabhas at such massive scale, which is a big feat in the country” he said.

       Meanwhile, he suggested the officials to give grading to each village based on the 20 growth indicators. He asked the officials to ensure water mapping is done in every village and information on the water resources is timely informed to the local people. He also directed the officials to monitor the construction of roads for 3 km every day, in the villages and submit daily reports.

          27,000 employees covering are regularly uploading data from village-level, if necessary, take the help of local engineering colleges, he added. He also suggested to identify best partners in "Smart Village ward-start 'program and felicitate them at the district level. 


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