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Will Fitoor Face Censor Board Scissors Too?

     Film maker Abhishek Kapoor says he doesn't expect any trouble from the censor board over the kissing scene in his next film "Fitoor". The movie of lead pair Katrina Kaif and Aditya Kapoor lip locking scene on a bridge in "Fitoor", recently went viral. 
    When asked if the film maker expected censor problems on the scene, Katrina  saying, "Who said that? There is nothing like that." While Abhishek said, "I am not expecting any kind of trouble. I don't have anything wrong. I don't going to expect something that I don't recognize should exist. .
     "Temporarily, there were reports that Ajay Devgn would be doing a cameo in the film. To which Abhishek said, "I don't want to comment." Asked to comment on a dialogue "Kashmir maangoge toh chir denge" mouthed by Aditya in the film, Abhishek just offered, "Don't want to talk about the dialogue more now." When asked if the character of Tabu has any consortium with Pakistan, the film maker said, "Not really Pakistan. It is not a anti-Pakistan film. There are instant in the film when the character behaves in a definite way." Starring Katrina, Aditya and Tabu, the film will release on February 12. 
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