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New El Nino Storm Slams into Southern California; Mudflow continues in Santa Clarita Forces Evacuations

     Another El Nino storm soaked California on Wednesday and brought risk of flooding and mudslide with it. 45 Miles per hour winds made its way from south to San Luis Obispo. As much as 5 inches of heavy rain was expected to fall in the Southland.

     A flash flood warning was issued by local government for the Ventura County coast around Solimar Beach. 101 Freeway at the State Beaches offramp partially closed due to heavy landslides.

     Another El-Nino fueled storm also moved through Southern California on Wednesday resulting heavy rain fall, high surf and flooding. Turbulent sea waves hitted against the cliffside homes of Mondos Beach as heavy rain in area fell at the rate of one inch per hour.

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